10243 E Zayante Rd – Open House on Sunday (1-4 pm)

Cute a button! 10243 East Zayante is a 2 Bedroom 1 Bath home situated in the majestic redwoods of Felton. The property is comprised of 3 parcels measuring 15k + sq ft of property. The property has some interesting features including hot tub, tuff-shed w/power, screened in front porch, and cozy wood stove for cool winter eves. If you ever wanted to live in the woods yet fairly close to amenities of town this could be your place!!!


Rate Heads UP from Yesterdays Blog

Lender I know sent this out today. Just reiteration of the blog from yesterday!



Over the last two weeks an increasing number of analysts have begun substantially paring back their forward looking forecasts for US corporate profits– a fresh sign the rally in the stock markets may soon find the slope to new record highs increasingly slippery.

From a mortgage interest rate perspective the “so what” factor behind all this stock market “stuff” is simple and direct.  Higher stock prices tend to drive mortgage interest rates higher while lower stock prices will probably prove supportive of steady to perhaps lower mortgage interest rates.

Those harboring hopes mortgage interest rates will plummet to new all-time lows on the back of a near-term sell-off in the stock markets will likely be disappointed – while those concerned about the potential for a strong move to higher rates through the prime spring and summer home buying season will likely come to find their worries were for nothing.

If you think this may help your buyers, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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Ready and Able

Over the recent years we have had an upsurge in real estate values driven by the low mortgage rates. There is much debate on what increasing the Fed Rate, which happened this last week, would do the real estate market and it’s going to be fun to find out. Typically Loan Officers look at many factors when gauging whether to lock a loan or let it float but it has become much harder here in recent years. The path is not as clear cut as it once was in regards. The average rate, before the increase of .25% by the Feds making “Fed Money” borrowed from .5% up to .75%, was around 4.125%. So the banks borrow at .5% and charge 4.125% so what does moving to .75% create? Well the banks know if they move the rates all at one time the consumers would flip so they have gradual increases over 12 of the last 13 days knowing the Feds were increasing the rates. Good news is that it may be a long time before we see another increase but for now look for rates to continue to slowly creep until we are closer to the 5% range.

That means if you had a loan locked at 4% on a 500k loan your payment with just principle and interest would be $2387.08

Same loan amount of $500k at 5% would be $$2684.11.

As you can see the difference of $297.03 a month or $3564.36 a year. Who would not want to save that amount of money a year??

Lesson is the time to sell is now if you are thinking about it o maximize your return and the time to buy is now just for interest rates and affordability!

Any questions I’m always here for you!

Miracles Never End

I met with these clients 4 yrs ago and finally closed escrow on Friday. Now everyone is in a better place for all parties involved and wish they had acted sooner.  This transaction was a Short Sale with 18 liens that we had to get removed which only took 5 months but we always get it done! Great purchase for the buyer since he is moving in with six figures in equity!  This property was sold off market and no one is any the wiser for my sellers who of course want to keep short sale private.  Know anyone else that could use that kind of scenario? Sellers or buyers??